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Atlantis: The Lost Empire is the thirtieth video of the series Drunk Disney. The guest in this video is Joel Arnold.


Drank to Time
1 Walt 0:46
2 Developing Languages James' Drink Attack 0:57
3 Indy 2:08
4 Hay Bales 3:25
5 Rosie Perez 4:02
6 Bernie Sanders Dave's Drink Attack 4:32
7 Memory foam 4:55
8 Disembodied... man 5:54
9 Stark Trek 6:44
10 Kierkegaard 7:15
11 Holding your breath for hours on end 7:48
12 My Cousin Skeeter 9:14
13 The Hindenburg 10:00
14 Captain Tarpals Joel's Drink Attack 10:23
15 Seabiscut 10:57

Lessons Learned[]

  • Joel: That capitalist invading other people's cultures, don't care about the marvels that they hold. Lost languages, Atlantean dragons. it's so blasé, they just want your resources.
  • Chelsea: That blue is the color of magical native peoples.
  • Dave: Introduce yourself fast. If you don't give yourself a backstory and at least a name, you could be killed of in an instant and people just don't even notice.


  • James didn't say what he learned from the movie.
  • Chelsea didn't invoke her drink attack.